FIFA Will Investigate Related Problems With Barcelona Neymar

FIFA Will Investigate Related Problems With Barcelona Neymar

FIFA admitted currently being deeper into complaints made by Neymar. The Brazilian demanded the loyalty bonus money previously promised by the Barcelona camp Situs Poker.

Barca refused to pay 26 million euros, listed in a contract extension they agreed in October last year, to Neymar and his father. The bonus agreement is contained in the clause, as well as a cash bonus related to his allegiance so far with the Catalan giants.

But the Blaugrana did not want to lose, they actually accused behind Neymar that they think has violated the contract agreement. When he negotiated with PSG about the transfer record worth 222 million euros, which means that the clause in the agreement about the determination of loyalty bonus is void due to the law.

Neymar’s father, who is also an agent of the Brazilian, accused Barça of committing “blackmail” in their refusal to pay and FIFA is now investigating the case.

One of the world’s top football federation spokesmen gave his view that he told Omnisport: “This issue has been postponed and is under investigation. As a result, we are not in a position to comment on this. ”

Barcelona’s Jordi Vives had previously stated: “There are three conditions about loyalty bonuses: first, that the player does not negotiate with another club within three months before July 31,”

“Secondly, that he will disclose his commitment to the public to fulfill his contract,”

“Thirdly, the two things must be done on September 1, to ensure that he will not go to another club,”

“Now we know that none of the requirements are met, we will not give the bonus.”

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