The End of Nilmaizar-Semen Padang Cooperation

The End of Nilmaizar-Semen Padang Cooperation

Manager of Semen Padang, Win Benardinho, revealed the beginning of the story of the end of the Nilmaizar cooperation agreement and the club nicknamed Kabau Sirah. He said that the birth of the agreement to no longer train Semen Padang started from Makassar Hasanuddin Airport while waiting for flight schedule to Jakarta, Tuesday (2/10/2017).

The figure of this modest coach Payakumbuh must stop from his duties as coach of Semen Padang. Of course, the decision did not come suddenly but the result of a series of defeats experienced by the team from Bukit Indarung was in the second round of League 1 and maybe even long before that.

When Semen Padang was still struggling in the first round, there was already a plan from management to fire the father of two children. The reason for that time Semen Padang difficult to win at home opponent, a trend that continues to occur until the week-27.

However, the 0-4 landslide defeat of PSM Makassar was the right reason. In addition to the many inputs from various parties for management to fire Nilmaizar, team performance also plummeted because it never went through changes, even tended to go down.

However, the management solution is also full of risks. First, because the caretaker replacing Nile, Delvi Adri, does not yet have an AFC license as a minimum requirement. So is Suhatman Imam’s technical advisor.

Because to find a suitable coach is also impossible, management pointed Delvi with other assistants and support from Suhatman. They will carry out the task of menukangi Semen Padang until League 1 ended.

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